About Cathy:

Helping and empowering men and women through coaching since 2007, Cathy Fandrich is an ICF Certified Life Coach, from The Academy for Coach Training in Edmonds, WA. Her unique expertise is through her work as a Three Principles based Practitioner, having studied with The Three Principles Professional Institute in London.

As a Professional Speaker, she has a passion for helping groups and individuals understand what lies behind all human experience, which enables individuals to have a better life, regardless of circumstance, and which also allows individuals to finally have the success they desire in life. Cathy and her husband live in Montana where they enjoy snow skiing, cycling, golf, water sports and spending time with their grandchildren.

You can learn more about her coaching and programs at Look Life Coaching.com

About Crystal

Crystal Pirri is an author, coach and founder of online communities that improve EQ and resilience.

The essence of her work has two common threads: radical personal responsibility, and approaching life from a place of personal peace.

In her extensive learning, she’s discovered ways to help people resolve what holds them back from being as powerful, present, and effective as they can be.

“I can’t imagine you could be much more effective, you got me right where I needed with what I needed and FAST.” -Deanne W.

Her work integrates tools from many subjects and disciplines: social emotional learning, leadership training, awareness tools, mindfulness, resilience training and more, all in the framework of intentional experiences that allow the mind to grasp the new concepts and allow the discoverer to fully integrate the changes in every facet of life- i.e. real, permanent, sustainable change.

She lives near Kent, Ohio with her husband and two daughters.

Join her at CrystalPirri.com for information about her coaching, events, books and programs.